The Dive bar at
the end of the galaxy!


An evening at Zeenok's Space Bar and Grill will take you to another galaxy, where you'll belong to one of numerous warring factions all seeking advantage over each other. Scheme, lie, find allies and defeat your enemies in order to reach your goal!
Here are just a few of those factions:
Go to The Virtuous Sphere of Allied Systems

The Virtuous Sphere of Allied Systems

Clean, orderly, and efficient, the bureaucrats of the Virtuous Sphere work tirelessly to ensure the systems under their benevolent control are free of any infection or filth.

Go to Dragonfly


Intrepid or desperate, this crew of renegades lives by their wits, pursued by agents of assorted governments, seeking honest work where they can, but making a living isn’t always honest.

Go to The Illuminated Order of Phoenix Gloriatus

The Illuminated Order of Phoenix Gloriatus

Dedicated to preserving law and order throughout the galaxy, the brave knights of the order pursue justice, peace and true love.

Go to The Gravisburg Imperium

The Gravisburg Imperium

Grim warriors leading their starship armadas across the galaxy, the savage aristocrats who carry out the will of their Emperor, His Malevolence, are feared everywhere they go.


It's hard to explain, but ZEENOK'S is like a mix of theatre and escape room thrills.
Imagine a Thrilling Sci-Fi Adventure.
Now Imagine It's You.

You’ll be assigned to a faction and given a character — a member of that group with desperate goals and needy needs. You’ll be told about your fellow faction members; who you trust and who you suspect. Who you need and who needs you.
You’ll have some information about people from other factions, too — enemies who’ve crossed you, or former lovers with a grudge, maybe. Some of them will turn out to be allies, some will betray you for a handful of coins. You’ll only have your judgement to tell you who’s who.
There are no rules at Zeenok’s! Make a costume, working with your friends or all on your own. You get to decide how to express your faction’s basic character — be sexy or intimidating or anything you wish. If you’re not much for costumes we’ll have help and support for you, including discounts at Toronto costume shops.

  • Use your imagination!

  • Showcase your talents!

  • Find clues and solve mysteries!

  • Be whatever you've always wanted to be.


It's not hard to make a big splash at Zeenok's! A little ingenuity and a few odds and ends and...

Buddy Gorp

The HeadHunters
Bullets, guns, scars and tough as nails. A leather jacket and some hair grease really pulls the whole look together.

The Grand Exemplar of the Seven

The Cult of the Pulsing Root
Is that wrapping paper on his head? Who knows! But some wraparound shades and a little face paint and this is a Cult member to remember!

Captain Sola

The Dragonfly
Everyone loves bullets! Sunglasses, some fun fur and serious hair attitude make for a great space look!

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